Flightstar II SC-SL

Ron Stoks
Flightstar II

I put 19 hours on this airplane and made 49 landings.  It had a Rotax 582 engine, with a 72 inch 3-bladed Powerfin prop.

Constructed from anodized aluminum tubing assembled with bolts. The fuselage is suspended from a keel tube that also mounts the engine at the front, the tail at the back and the wings. The wings are strut-braced and utilize jury struts.

The wings and tail surfaces are covered in pre-sewn Dacron envelopes, which reduces construction time. The wings have full-span ailerons, while the tail features conventional elevators and rudder. The landing gear is a tricycle gear arrangement with bungee suspension on the main wheels. The nosewheel is steerable and main wheel brakes.