T-Bird 1

Ron Stoks
Golden Circle Air
T-Bird 1

This is number 9 of  my assembly line. It is called a T-Bird 1, powered by a Rotax 503DC with 52 hp, and a Warp Drive propeller.

The kit arrived on July 27 and first flight occurred on Aug.18. The kit consisted of all pre-made, predrilled parts, that needed to be sanded, primed, and painted, before assembly. Construction was straight forward and simple. Manual and plans were adequate.

Total construction time was about 120 hours. I now have about 5 hours flight time, with about 35 take offs, and a similar number of landings. T-Bird cruises around 45-50mph,stalls at 27.  She leaves the ground in less than 200 ft. and feels very stable, with predictable flight characteristics.